Factual Magazine series


South Africa’s most insightful advertising-magazine show, SA offers a discerning look at the dynamic and creative world of the South African media industry. Covering the advertising, media, marketing & branding industries, the show offers a dynamic 24-minute format illustrates the role that the ubiquitous power of media plays in our lives.

The Edition:

Awarded best Magazine show at the 2013 SAFTAS. The Edition is 13 x 24min factual magazine programme on Etv news, Wednesdays at 21h30. It’s social commentary looking into business, media and popular culture.

Lifestyle Magazine

Curious Culture:

After its debut in June 2005, Curious Culture enjoyed an unbroken 5-season run as SABC’s premier arts & culture magazine show. Presented in English, Sotho and Afrikaans, the show covered an eclectic mix of fine art, dance, music, acting, literature, theatre and photography. Hosted by Jerry Mofokeng, Jolene Martin & Shelley Meskin, Curious Culture proudly brought the world of arts & culture to national attention.


Having demonstrated the local appetite for arts & culture through “Curious Culture”, a new magazine called “Artcha” was developed by Engage Entertainment in late 2007. With a completely new format, Artcha made its debut on SABC 2 in 2008. Featuring the ‘Artcha Angels’, Anel Alexander, Eloise Cupido & Masello Motana (Season’s 1& 2) and Mmabatho Monthsho (Season 3), the show positioned itself as the hottest art show in South Africa. Looking to put a more glamorous spin on the arts, the show found itself at glamorous opening nights, but also looked to provide a discerning viewpoint, thanks in no-small part to the insightful voice of Barry Ronge.

Gloss It Up:

Is a half hour teen-lifestyle magazine that looks into the things that turn teenagers on, from fashion to extreme sports to movies to games to careers to music and technology. Hosted by the affable Thabo Rametsi, the show has built a loyal audience over the past 2 seasons with a mix of compelling inserts that showcase the lifestyle that the average South African teenager aspires to.

Sport Magazine Lifestyle


In 2010, Engage Entertainment produced the third season of SABC Sport’s volleyball magazine. This 24-minute format was hosted by Vaylen Kirtley and brought viewers an entertaining mix of live volleyball games, player profile, coaching tips and news.