Feature Documentary

Sin Bin

Television Documentary

Inner City Castles

Samaritan Woman:

A 48-minute documentary centered around Dr Theresa Lorenzo, an occupational therapist and community based work facilitator, who has pioneered a hands on approach to physical therapy initiatives with disabled women in rural and impoverished urban areas, bringing renewed hope, productivity and restored dignity to one of the most disenfranchised groups in South Africa – the disabled

Silent Outcry: ‘Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.’

Christians the world over say these words every day, but how many of us have ever truly contemplated the concept of forgiveness? This programme examines the tragedy in Namibia which came about as a result of General von Trotha’s letter to Herero people, resulting in the genocide and displacement of the Herero people in the early 1900’s. Then we look at the Christian spirit of forgiveness and conciliation.  We trace a journey symbolized by repentance (surely inspired by a loving God), humility and empathy, and share the miracle of a simple candle-lighting ceremony which took place in a small village in Germany, as an act of reconciliation between the German and Herero people today.

My Brother’s Keeper:

When the so called Xenophobic violence broke out in 2008, we were compelled to do something. We decided to go out and find a human story in amongst all the inhumanity and chaos. The result was a 48 min documentary entitled ‘My Brother‘s Keeper’. Essentially, it puts a human face to the victims, attackers and a volunteer involved, and digs for some understanding on what happened.

Harsh and Fragile:

What does it mean to be a Christian in the desert? Natural disasters highlight human frailty. And when they strike, humans turn to God for understanding, strength and relief. In this series, we investigate the process of desertification in Southern Namibia, essentially caused by man’s poor stewarding of the environment through unjust legislation that left a communal farming community devastated. In the midst of these harsh circumstances, we talk to two people, from opposing cultural backgrounds, and vastly different economic positions, who have both responded from a similar faith- based perspective to help and uplift those who have been rendered frail and vulnerable.

Artists for Higher:

Throughout history, artists have played an influential, yet perhaps not so obvious, role in shaping and changing social paradigms. As observers and commentators, they open our collective eyes and compel us to act for social change. But what does this mean for us today, here in South Africa? More specifically as the cry goes out for a moral reform in SA. Society, what role are Christian artist playing in igniting and influencing our moral conscience? In this series, we explore the work and faith of some contemporary artists in South Africa, including ballet dancers Ian Macdonald and Karen Beukes, Fine Artists Duncan Stuart and Kwaito mega star Kabelo.

Family Tree

A heartwarming story of four families who open their homes and hearts to adopt abandoned children.

Documentary Series

Sports Playback:

Winner of the 2010 SAFTA for Best Sports Show, Sports Playback offered a compelling look back at some of the defining moments in South African sport through the eyes of the athletes themselves, journalists and administrators. Covering rugby, cricket, football, swimming, athletics, boxing, amongst others, this 13-part series shone a spotlight on the history of South African sport and its impact on society.