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Who Are We

Great Stories inspiring People for Good

Engage Entertainment acquires, develops and commercializes entertainment brands that affect positive social change. We specialize in high quality, socially relevant content that will impact lives and uplift communities for good. We partner with brands, broadcasters, government and grass-root organizations to create compelling stories that can be leveraged across TV, Digital, Feature Film and Live Performance platforms.


Africa’s most uplifting entertainment company

A world class African content company mobilizing social change through value based entertainment properties.


To create life giving stories

To inspire the social, economic and spiritual enrichment of Africa and the world.

Brand Proposition

Great stories inspiring people for good

Entertainment should reach beyond the stage or screen to inspire and facilitate positive change in the daily lives of our audiences. Consequently, our content strategy begins with identify pressing social needs, then weaving relevant values into commercially viable stories, and finally aligning those stories with tangible social action campaigns.


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